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Talk Fusion Video Email is great for anyone - whether you're using it for personal, business, or charity! It's simple to reach out to friends, family, and customers in a personalized way and tell your story in a compelling manner.

It's never been easier to connect from any device. Share your Video Email via text, social media, or your website! Stand out with the power of video.

As Simple as 1, 2, 3

  1. 1. Select your theme
  2. 2. Upload/record a video
  3. 3. Press send!

A Template for Every Occasion

With thousands of pre-designed Talk Fusion Video Email templates to choose from, it's easy to frame your message for any look or occasion. Shape your brand, share holiday wishes with friends and family, or express your personality and passions.

See More Templates, Perfect for Personal, Business, and Charity

We'll Make You Look Good

We know one size doesn't fit all - that's why we offer stunning custom Video Email templates! Talk Fusion's award-winning Art Department can design a Custom Template that beautifully complements your brand or business or makes a unique personal statement. And with our Pro Pack, enjoy Private Labeling by replacing our logo with yours.

Check out our custom designs

Real-Time Analytics & Reporting

Our real-time tracking and unmatched deliverability let you send with confidence as you track who's reading, watching, and sharing your Video Emails. You can also build your own Video Autoresponder campaigns, quickly measure results, and automatically follow up with your contacts.

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